Products for instant recovery, for complete hair care and protection for a stylish look.Aerosol, non-aerosol hairspray, Hair gel, Hair styling mousse, Gel mousse plus, Molding wax cream, Gloss wax, Hair shampoo, Hair conditioner, Leave-in 2 phase spray conditioner, Hair mask, Argan oil intensive hair treatment, Crystal liquid, Shine hair spray, Dust-free lightening and bleaching hair powder, Oxycream, Hair cold permanent.

SERI Premium


Professional hair color cream, enriched with beeswax. Technological innovation for superior shine and color vitality. Perfect white hair coverage. Gives colored hair special care and protection. Brilliant lasting color available in 88 uniques shades.

SERI Scalp Comfort Advanced


Intensive therapy for scalp comfort in case of hair loss. С L-CYSTINE и AUXINA TRICOGENA. Effective reduction* of hair loss up to 88.9% of cases. +8.3 % increase in the number of anagen hair. IN VIVO 3 month research.

Scalp Comfort shampoo for hair loss. Scalp comfort advanced anti – hair loss control system.



Professional hair color cream with Argan and Keratin. High density color pigments. 100% white hair coverage. Extended brilliance and increased protection. Maximum professional color shades accuracy. Natural feel and texture. 102 blending shades.



Styling, nourishing, washing hair products.Dust-free lightening and bleaching hair powder, Oxycream, Hair spray, Molding clay, Mattifying hair powder, Hair shampoo, Hair conditioner, Hair mask, Heat protective hair spray, Color glow serum, No split gloss hair treatment silicon.



Professional AMMONIA FREE hair color cream. New generation high-concentration color pigments. Luminous, vibrant, long-lasting colors. Color after color, improves the visible hair quality. 7 pure plant oils infusion: Olive, Sunflower, Linseed, Avocado, Coconut, Macadamia, and Argan. Color activator.



Products with discrete coloring effect.The ARREN selection of Grooming products meet the needs and aspirations of today’s man for unique and dynamic style.Direct hair color, Ammonia free beard & moustache color cream, Hair gels covering white and gray hair – black and brown, Hair gel, Pomade High shine finish, Pomade Matte finish, Molding clay, Hair shampoo.



New professional line Bioproten Brazilian Hair Straightening Treatment. A new heat activated hair straightening treatment for smooth and radiant hair. By using the flat iron, the thermal technology is activated to provide on intense smoothing action. Leaves hair silky soft, salon-straight with greater manageability. Infused with soy proteins, oatmeal extract, avocado and pataua oil – renowned for their moisturizing properties – for increased hair softness and shine.

BIOPROTEN Restore & Protect


Restructuring lotion for chemically treated hair. Cotton seed extract is rich in proteins, sugars and vitamin B. Their hydrating and soothing properties, help to restore hair’s natural balance affected by chemical treatments.

BIOPROTEN Keratin Protection


The BIOPROTEN ampoules with Keratin contribute to restore and protect hair’s healthy look after coloring processes, while preserving your color and shine. Hair dyes lead to deterioration of the hair’s condition which implies rough, tangled and dull hair. Post-color Keratin protection lotion. Designed for colored hair, offers intense care and additional shine, while restoring hair’s healthy look. Keratin is the most important protein of hair which maintains hydration, improves the structure, gives shine to the hair and protects it from breakage.



Support system for technical services. Preserves the integrity of the hair fiber, both internally and externally. It is ideal to protect and fortify the internal proteinic hair structure, damaged and sensitized by aggressive chemical processes and increases significantly* the resistance to hair breakage. Its action is based on a complex of vegetable origin amino acids and proteins, which penetrate the hair, building strength from within, whilst providing film forming effects to reinforce, smoothen and protect the hair cuticle. Hair is left looking visibly protected, glossy, healthy and shiny.

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