Restructuring lotion
for chemically treated hair

New formula with vitexcel F.
With cotton seed extract, rich in protein, sugars and vitamin B.
Contains ingredients that contribute to moisturize and restore hair’s natural balance.
Protect against natural and chemical stress, prolong hair color life.
Extends the life of colored hair.

12 vials x 10ml

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SKU: 020101.

Cotton seed extract is rich in proteins, sugars and vitamin B that, thanks to their hydrating and soothing properties, help to restore hair’s natural balance affected by chemical treatments.

How to use:
Mix the vial content with even quantity of water in a bowl and stir until achieving a creamy texture. Wash hair and apply the lotion. Leave it on for approximately three minutes. Brush the hair to spread evenly from roots to ends. Then, rinse well. For dull or worn hair that need extra care and protection, repeat the treatment at regular intervals.

Pour half of the vial content in the hair perm lotion, mix well and proceed with the perm treatment following the instructions on the perm lotion’s packaging. After completing the perm treatment wash hair, mix the rest of the vial with even quantity of water in a bowl and stir until a creamy texture is achieved. Apply the mixture on the hair, wait for approximately three minutes and rinse well with abundant water. Your hair is now vivid, softer, brighter and revitalized. Whit cotton seed extract (Gossypium Herbacuum).

Dermatologically tested.

Price: 27.00BGN

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