Decolor hair lightening powder with vitamins

Blue. Lightens up to 7 tones.
Enriched with vitamin A, C & E complex.
No dust release.
Easy mixing.
Fast bleaching action.
Does not dry or flake.


Цена с ДДС 30.00 BGN

Enriched with vitamin A, C & E complex which provide antioxidant benefits. Is specially designed formula ideal for all kinds of applications, i.e hair bleaching, meches and highlights – up to 7 levels lift. Apple scented.

How to use: Use EXPERTIA PROFESSIONEL decolor vitaminact highlighting powder with EXPERTIA PROFESSIONEL oxycream 20,30, or 40 vol. (depending on the desired degree of lightening) according to the respective guidelines in the corresponding table: Mix 1 part of bleaching powder with 2 parts of oxycream in a non metallic bowl. Apply to dry unwashed hair and leave it on until you attain the desired result. Check a small section of hair regularly until the desired result is achieved (maximum recommended processing time 35 minutes). Rinse off with warm water and wash your hair with neutralizing shampoo. The lower the concentration of the oxidizing cream the gentler the lightening process. The lift level depends on the strength of oxycream, on the color and hair type and on the processing time.

Desired lightening level Oxycream strength Processing time
3 levels

4 levels

7 levels

20 vol. (6%)

30 vol. (9%)

40 vol. (12%)

20 min.

25 min.

35 min.

Goes with oxycream. Have a look

Price: 27.00BGN

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