Ammonia-Free hair color cream

7 pure plant oils:
Olive. Sunflower. Linseed. Avocado. Coconut. Macadamia. Agran.
Saturated colors and care.
Luminous, vibrant, long-lasting colors.
Enhanced hair protection.
100% grey hair coverage.
Up to 3 levels of lift.


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SKU: 0109 OLENCIA Професионална безамонячна крем боя за коса.
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All the shades can be mixed together to create infinite chromatic possibilities.
Rich, creamy texture which spreads easily on hair. Lightly scented for pleasant application and processing.
Maximum professional performance.

* The fragrance does not contain any of the 26 allergens listed in the EU Cosmetics Regulation (1223/2009).

7 pure plant oils infusion.
Olive, sunflower, linseed, avocado, coconut, macadamia and argan.

Rich in lipids, vitamins and trace elements, vegetable oils protect against external influences, creating hair healthier, shinier and retaining its color.

Discover the beneficial properties of these 7 unique oils:
Maintain the natural hair moisture level, protecting it from dehydration.
Instantly revitalize your hair.
Restore hair’s natural glossy shine.
Improve the texture and appearance of the hair, leaving it healthy looking.
Offer silky softness.


Specially designed to interact with each other. They penetrate into the inner hair layers, offering:
Superior accuracy.
Exceptional uniformity.
Intensity and shine.
Lasting color results.

Goes with OLENCIA Activator 3%, 6%, 9%.

Goes with oxycream. Have a look


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