Professional clipper Panasonic ER-RZ10

Body trimmer Panasonic ER-RZ10, Washer blade, Black

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Create corners with sharp cuts.
The first part of the blade is 35 mm long, which facilitates the creation of clear lines.
Shaping corners with an attachment.
There is a cutting attachment with a width of 10 mm, which allows the formation of details of the chin, in places such as under the mouth.
Easy shave for a clean finish.
The newly developed blade is gentle on the skin and allows you to easily remove unwanted hairs. You can shave the sideburns on your cheeks or under your jaw clean with a single element. And on busy mornings you can enjoy a dry shave without the need for shaving foam.
It has a comb attachment for even beard length.
Using the attachment with length adjustment function allows easy and clean cutting to the desired length.
The corners of the fixed blade are wide and rounded, and reduce skin irritation.
The distances of the fixed blade are also small so that skin cannot enter and injure itself.

Body part: Body / Beard
Product type: Body trimmer
Designed for: Men
Type of use: Homemade
Use for: Shaving
Power supply: Battery
Blade material: Stainless steel
Type of cleaning: Washable
Number of attachments included: 1
Color: Black

Battery type: NiMH
Charging time: 1 h
Autonomy: 0.84 h

Waranty 12 months.
Price: 260.00BGN

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