SERI Skalp Comfort
Anti-hair loss control system

Anti-hair loss control system.
L – Cystine & auxina tricogena.
Effective reduction* of hair loss up to 88.9% of cases.

12 x 10ml

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3 - month intensive energizing scalp treatment for hair loss cases.

IN VIVO research - dermatologically tested.
In consumer tests, 80% of women and 88.9% of men rated the treatment as an effective means of reducing hair loss and 100% of women and 77% of men are grateful for its use.
+8.3% increase in the number of anagen hair.
Evaluation after three months treatment by means of phototrichogram technique.

IN VIVO - 3 month research.

Recommended for three applications per week, for three months without interruptions.
For best performance, use SERI SCALP COMFORT shampoo throughout the duration of the application, even on days when you do not apply the lotion.
After completion of the treatment you can use 1 vial per week for maintenance.

How to use: On dry or slightly damp hair, apply the contents of the vial on the scalp with the special applicator. Massage gently with the fingertips until the lotion is spread evenly on the hair roots. Do not rinse the lotion.

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